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(L-R) Mick, Ava, Jordan, Sam, Naomi




Operations Officer

Naomi started working with Wear it Purple in 2015, jumping into the Operations role having never even been in Mardi Gras! In her (going on) three years, Naomi has worked with executive members to continue the exponential growth of the Wear it Purple campaign.

She continues to focus on expanding the campaign’s reach nationally across various demographics including schools and corporate groups, and pursuing opportunities to create safer and more supportive environments for young people – because that’s why she’s here!

Pronouns: her/she

Why you’re involved: Because I care. I was lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive group of people around me when I came out; and I was still scared. I want each and every young person to know that they can be proud of who they are, and that there will always be somebody who supports them. Wear it Purple Day is the most incredible demonstration of support and acceptance – no words need be uttered; the simple sight of seeing someone wear purple and show you they support you is empowering. I’m here because what we do makes a difference; because it has the capacity to change a life; because it matters; and that’s an incredible thing. Working with Wear it Purple can only be described as an incredibly exhilarating, exhausting, educational and rewarding experience! Definitely one of my better life choices.

3 likes: pizza, sleeping in, love.

3 dislikes: cats, nails on chalkboards, being cold and not being able to get warm.

Her other life: Commerce/Law student; aspiring lawyer, who desperately wants to travel the world!

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Media Portfolio

This is Sam, Sam [I] am, she does not like green eggs and ham.  However, she does love photography, design and making a difference in the lives of others. Sam can only be described as one of the warmest and kindest people you will meet, with an incredible talent to make anything look beautiful. Sam has been with Wear it Purple going on three years now, and continues to bring a smile to all that she does.

Pronouns: her/she

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Youth Action Council Leader

Ava has been with Wear it Purple for years! What started with a clear passion to organise and celebrate Wear it Purple Day at her high school, has since grown into a much larger aspiration to see all schools do the same. Ava is one of our youngest members, having graduated high school in 2016 and continues to bring a youthful and light spirit to all we do.

Pronouns: her/she or they/them

Why you’re involved:  I joined WIP because I wanted to make a real difference in the lives of queer young people and passionately believe in the power of individuals to make social change.

3 likes: cooking, 80s music, bad action films.

3 dislikes: blue cheese, horror movies, pineapple on pizza.

Fun Fact: I play Quidditch at university.

Her other life: I’m in my first year of an International Relations degree at university. I also work in a bookstore and love all things books!

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Youth Engagement Officer

Mick has been with Wear it Purple almost from the beginning! As our longest standing member, Mick has grown with Wear it Purple and engaged in various positions including Youth Action Council member, leader and now Youth Engagement Officer.

Pronouns: Ze/Hir

Why you’re involved: I’m involved with Wear it Purple for a multitude of reasons that have changed over the six years I’ve been with WIP. Looking back over it all now I’d have to say the main reason is; when I was in high school Wear it Purple empowered me to be proud of who I am and stand for what is right. Wear it Purple inspired me to want to effect change not only in schools and workplaces but across Australia and the globe. I’m with Wear it Purple to be part of the change I want to see in the world, I want to challenge thinking beyond the norm. Most importantly I want to inspire young people to believe that they can be proud of who they are.

3 likes: All things Harry Potter, Coffee (is it still a like if you need it?…), 90s music

3 dislikes: I can’t stand being late, when people call me ma’am, sand

Fun Fact: I have a pet snake, April. She’s a spotted children’s python. I got her for my 12th birthday.

Hir outside life: I’m currently studying a diploma of leisure and health, while working full time in the disability sector. Of course I enjoy catching up with friends over coffee.

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Youth Action Council Leader

Jordan has been with Wear it Purple going on four years, and continues to be kind-hearted and caring in all she does. As you’ll see in her “likes”, she has an incredible talent for baking! But more importantly, Jordan has grown with Wear it Purple over the years from a Youth Action Council member into a leader, dedicated to helping young people have their voice heard and enact change in their environments.

Pronouns: her/she

Why you’re involved: I originally Joined Wear it Purple to learn more about the rainbow community and to help create a safe and inclusive environment in schools. Since then I have met so many wonderful people and had so many opportunities I would never have had otherwise. I continue to learn about my community and love hearing other people’s stories about how Wear it Purple has helped them.

3 likes: Ice hockey, baking, friends.

3 dislikes: Mushrooms, spoilers, when you step in water with socks on.

Fun Fact: I have been ice skating almost every weekend for 11 years.

Her other life: I am currently studying retail baking at TAFE, where I’m learning to bake wonderful creations. I am also a member of the Canterbury women’s ice hockey team, playing right wing. And I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and our cat marathoning various tv shows.

Click here to contact our Youth Action Council Leaders if you’re under 24yrs and would like to get involved.

Youth Action Council Leader

Lawson is talented in all that they do. With a flair for the dramatic, they continue to bring laughter to the Wear it Purple team, balanced by an incredible understanding of the challenges facing rainbow young people. Lawson is one of the most passionate individuals you may have the pleasure of meeting; incredibly well spoken; and in their three years with the organisation, has shown just how much of an impact one young person who cares can have on a room full of people.

Their other life: Avid globe-trotter; currently in (unknown – changes too often!)

Click here to contact our Youth Action Council Leaders if you’re under 24yrs and would like to get involved.

Your Chance!

Sound like a pretty cool team? It is. These young people, all under 24 years, are passionate about making a difference for rainbow young people everywhere; and we’d love for you to join us! Click here to look at the positions we are currently looking to fill.