Felicity Nicol


When did you join Wear it Purple?

March, 2016

Position with Wear it Purple?

Board President

Why did you join Wear it Purple?

Having known what it’s like to be young, scared and questioning, Wear it Purple seemed like an organisation that could have helped me and people I know. If I’m able to contribute a bit of pride, awareness and community through WIP, well then that is a worthy endeavour.

Plus it’s fun 🙂

Do you identify in the community or support as an ally?

Proud and happy lesbian.

3 fun facts about you.

  • I did not fully come out until I was 25 at which point my friend offered to throw me a coming out party…I’m still waiting for it.
  • I worked on a farm in Argentina and in a hostel in Bolivia.
  • I have re-watched Dawson’s Creek…twice.

Your hobbies/interests.

I am a big fan of theatre, art and movies. I enjoy new foods, festivals and have lots of time for trying new things. I would like to read and play chess more. And I LOVE travelling – particularly to places where I don’t know the language.

What do you do for work?

I’m a theatre director and performance maker, and the Artistic Director of Spark Youth Theatre.