Katherine Wolfgramme

Katherine is an inspiring trans advocate and gender diversity consultant with a keen interest in community development and community service within the trans and LGBT community.


Katherine transitioned almost thirty years ago, and over that time she has witnessed great positive changes in discrimination and visibility for trans and gender diverse people, also adding her own contribution by setting precedent in one country and helping to change language in another.


Katherine identifies as binary trans woman, has strong community values and loves her family, especially her six nieces and nephews. Her idea of a competitive sport is Scrabble and can be a very  bad loser. Katherine was born in Fiji, raised in Melbourne, and has spent most her adult life in Sydney she has also lived in Perth, Daylesford and Paris.


Katherine’s taste in music is as diverse as she is, loving everything from Mozart to Dolly Parton, she also loves art, and burst into tears when she first saw the Mona Lisa at The Louvre.


Now marriage equality is legal in Australia she particularly enjoys crying during the vows too!