Marc Field


When did you join Wear it Purple?

November, 2016

Position with Wear it Purple?

Vice President

Why did you join Wear it Purple?

Numerous reasons that built up over a long time that triggered me to get active.  Firstly the Matthew Shephard story could have happened to so many and happened from within his peer group.  Peer group is a big area of focus for Wear It Purple.

Many firms also regardless of their alleged commitment to diversity & inclusion woefully support their LGBTI staff ignoring low level discrimination and bullying and this needs to be changed.

Wear It Purple will give a trickle up effect as the new accepting, open and tolerant youth of today proceed through the work place of tomorrow.  LGBTI youth should be as entitled as anyone to confidence – one of the key building blocks of life.

Do you identify in the community or support as an ally?

I’m what I describe as an emancipated gay man.

3 fun facts about you.

  • I’ve been to over 100 countries and every continent on earth except Antarctica (on the list now).
  • I used to swim butterfly for my county.
  • After a bit of food boredom and lack luster wanderings around the supermarket I’ve started a self-challenge of having to cook two brand new recipes a week from my cook book collection.

Your hobbies/interests.

  • I like to cook and enjoy having friends over for dinner or lunch on the weekends.
  • I go to the GYM and like to keep active.
  • And I love sci-fi, crime drama or a rom com movie in which I tend to only go to Gold Class as want to stretch out.

What do you do for work?

I’m the ANZ Territory Manager for a French/Canadian Fin Tech