Wear it Purple Day is about showing rainbow young people, and everybody around us, that they have the right to be proud of who they are! In 2019, we invite you not only to be proud of who you are, and to STAND UP AND STAND OUT. Celebrate and empower the diversity that surrounds each and every one of us; diversity in sex, sexuality and gender identities, in perspectives, in values, in everything!

Diversity is a whole greater than the sum of its parts, whichever way you conceive the concept. As our world and the individuals within it continue to evolve, so many aspects of our humanity give rise to a unique and collaborative diversity. As individuals, we present ourselves in terms of our age, race, values, intelligence, identity, gender, and in various other ways. Recognising a common humanity amongst everyone is the first step in celebrating the differences that exist, and the value it brings to our lives.

In 2019, Wear it Purple invites you to STAND UP, STAND OUT in your environment, be it a school workplace or otherwise on August 30.


When we stand up and stand out, we are able to gain a new perspective on the lives of others around us, foster respect, unite, educate ourselves, appreciate others, have a sense of pride for the diversity in our environment, challenge our thoughts or beliefs, and most importantly, contribute to the creation of safe and supportive environments for all people, irrespective of how they identify.

Wear it Purple Day embraces and celebrates sex, sexuality and gender diversity. We believe that respect and acceptance are vital in developing a harmonious, equitable, accepting and supportive society. Through your choice to celebrate Wear it Purple Day in 2018, you are taking a step to move forward as a fair and inclusive community in your environment and wider society. Wear it Purple day encourages all people to explore diversity, promote respect for one another and a sense of belonging.

3 key ideas underpin Wear it Purple Day in 2019!

  1. Understanding difference leads to respect and acceptance.
  2. Respect and acceptance help to build a harmonious and supportive world, where every person can be proud of who they are.
  3. Projects or events run by young people in schools, by employees in workplaces, or individuals in their environments are an effective way to encourage and support mutual respect between people from different backgrounds or with different understandings, to create safer and more supportive environments for rainbow young people.

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